Whole Brain Workshops

"It was one of the greatest training courses I have done – I learnt a great deal!"1

 WB workshopsLINK believes that we offer great workshops that use the whole brain - workshops that are clear in meaning, connect with a person's reality, challenge with choice and teach how to apply learning with control.

LINK delivers workshops that overtly teach the whole brain model and how to relate it to a particular topic; however, we also deliver workshops where the whole brain model is not overtly taught. When we do this, the whole brain model is there in the background, guiding us to facilitate a learning experience that is truly rich and rewarding for each and every participant.

Although LINK does deliver "off the shelf" training packages (e.g. the current APSC core skills workshops, such as Engaging Stakeholders), our preference has always been to customise training programs in consultation with the client. This ensures that learning and development is targeted to specific client needs, ensuring a positive return on investment. 

LINK takes great pride in the quality and value of the course materials which we provide to participants. Our workshop manuals are specifically designed to assist with the transfer of learning from the training room to the workplace, and include self-paced learning resources to ensure that the learning process continues after the training course has ended.


“David is a honest professional. He is a good facilitator as he brings fresh insight to the learning and
development process as well as helping individuals work through problems and situations that lead to positive end result."2

"Excellent course and presenter. Very useful and applies not only to work, but other situations as well."

"There were a lot of practical applications, such as the role plays that helped bring the course objectives together."3

Core Topics

LINK Learning has designed, developed and delivered training programs on a variety of subjects. Our core topics, which display our up-to-date intellectual property, include the following:

Active Communication Client Management Coaching & Mentoring
Engaging with Stakeholders
Influence & Persuasion
Innovative Thinking
Leading Teams Managing Change Personal Efficiency
Performance Management
Public Speaking
Whole Brain Assertiveness
Whole Brain Delegation
Whole Brain Facilitation
Whole Brain Leadership
Whole Brain Teamwork
Whole Brain Thinking
Train The Trainer


1. Participant feedback received from our Communication and Client Management workshop [APS 6 - the ANAO].

2. Participant feedback [SES 1 - the Department of Finance].

3. Participant feedback received from the Coaching and Developing Others workshop [EL1 - the Department of Health].