Leadership Development

Leadership CompassOur leadership development initiatives are specifically designed to address four key challenges that leaders in today's corporate environment face, these being complexity, diversity, change and expectations:





Our programs help participants with the four C's of leadership, to:

1. bring clarity where there is complexity;

2. establish connections where there is diversity;

3. offer choice where there is change; and

4. maintain composure when facing expectations.

LINK Learning continues to make a unique contribution to leadership development within the Australian Public Service. Despite the fact that some people appear to possess more natural leadership strength than others, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to develop their leadership capability. And the results of our tailored leadership programs would suggest that this is the case.


"As a group of 20 very different personalities who have only recently started working together having team building training did seem daunting and numerous attempts were made by different staff to find ways to avoid the training. David dealt with all staff professionally, respectfully and made the training fun and interesting. We all learnt a little more about each other, were able to start identifying poor communication traps and work together to ensure we didn’t fall into these traps. As we left training general discussion was that we wanted more and would ask for this." Roula, Team Leader/Outreach Coordinator, South Australia

“David and I worked together on a middle management development program, and a complex consulting project. David's strong focus on the client's interest, his coaching skills and his engaging and inspirational training ensure strategic, highly effective, high value learning interventions.”  Derek, IT Professional, Melbourne

Sample Clients

DIBPDesign and delivery of the PIVOT Leadership program for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Review and development of materials for the Fundamentals of Supervision program for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship




Design and delivery of their Executive Development And Coaching program (EDAC) for the Australian Bureau of Statistics




 Design and delivery of a new Mentoring Policy and Program for the Australian National Audit Office 



 AFSDesign and delivery of the Leadership Matters program for AFSA.