Department of Employment Executive Consciousness Team Performance Coaching

Posted 25 August 2016 2:00pm


Executive Consciousness is the capacity to reflect through conversations that examine and integrate individual members’ experiences whilst on the team. It entails moving the team from simply doing and discussing ‘what it does’, to discussing, understanding and evaluating ‘how it does’ its work. This shared image enables a team to learn and shape itself to respond effectively to the challenges of its mission and environment.
Client Comment:

David has taken the Branch on a journey of self-discovery which has spawned terrific conversations and engagement across our teams. David initially worked with the branch to provide an introduction to the concept of whole brain thinking, but after huge interest, we asked David to do further work with us to deepen and develop our understanding of executive consciousness. The whole branch now talks in terms of ‘yellow, blue, red and green’ thinking and we have adopted the whole brain framework and executive consciousness into our everyday work. David and his team are engaging and can navigate difficult terrain with charm and aplomb. I would not hesitate to work with Link Learning in the future and can recommend David and his team without reservation. 

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