Capability Frameworks

LINK  is leading the way in the important field of Capability Frameworks. We have designed a unique approach to mapping the skills and knowledge — required, actual and missing — within an organisation’s human capital; in addition, we have strategies that enable an organisation to leverage the capabilities recorded in a framework to HR processes such as recruitment, performance management, workforce planning, talent management and career development.


"I have had the pleasure of working with David on a number of projects over the last few years and find his ability to understand clients needs and focus on outcomes second to none. David's attention to detail, yet collaborative, consultative approach ensures that he put's together strong teams to provide significant results for his clients." James

Sample Clients


The Department of Defence – the design of a capability framework for their Job Families, together with an implementation plan to leverage this capability data into other HR processes such as performance management.

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Services -the design and delivery of a career capability framework for ICT staff, plus the integration of a IT career capability framework into an annual performance management program.

NAAThe National Archives of Australia - the design and delivery of a capability framework, mobility program, and learning & professional development strategy, which will enhance performance management practices and outcomes across the organisation.

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The Department of Health - mapping of IT capability profiles and duty statements




The Australian Public Service Commission - the design and delivery of a whole-of-government ICT skills framework for the APS 




AusIndustry - the integration of a Capability Framework into their new HR Strategy.

The Department of Industry Economics Capability Framework, with employee self assessment and self help worksheets



The Land and Coast Division of the Department of Environment- the integration of a Capability Framework into their new Learning & Development Strategy